Welcome to Laboratory for Semantic Technologies. Our reseach looks at novel approaches to semi-automatic and automatic management of knowledge. The distributed nature of today’s global world drastically increases the level of complexity when knowledge needs to shared among human and organizations, especially when those are distributed on many geographic locations. At the same time, with the technology progress, the knowledge is encoded in a wide range of formats, from different textual documents or messages to formal components that are used to develop software systems, and all this produces an additional level of artificial complexity. Devoted to tackling these complex problems, the Laboratory for Semantic Technologies is working on innovative research solutions that are marrying the principles of data mining, semantic and social Web, domain-specific languages, model-driven software engineering, and intelligent user interfaces and visualization. This unique approach has already demonstrated many successful results in numerous industrial and research projects related to business process management, service-oriented architectures, software product lines, organizational learning, and e-learning.

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